Red Lights Flashing…

Red Lights Flashing…

Red lights flashing and sirens blaring, that’s right.

You know many of us take our health for granted. I know in many ways I did. Yes, I take Biometics nutritional supplements and have for 19 years, however did I truly do all it takes….I think not.

I now order more beneficial products from the YOUNGEVITY extensive nutritional product line including healthy coffee!

I love my healthy coffee!

The other day I had a rude awakening….

Red lights flaring….sirens blaring…

I found myself suddenly taken away in an ambulance….I certainly did not foresee a 16 day stay in the hospital.

Now, that I am out I am acutely aware of the importance of nutritional supplementation, exercise and overall healthy choices including how I will eat the rest of my life.

Well, with all this being said my breathing was extremely compromised. I have C.O.P.D., chronic bronchitis and asthma.

All of a sudden I am now using my puffer “albuterol” 4 times in the morning and 4 puffs at night as well as several times throughout the day. Also it was compulsory that I take 1 puff of advair in the morning and 1 puff of advair at night.

And I still couldn’t breathe…

Well the other day I was placing my monthly order that I always do …for 19 years now. However, this time I asked Richelle if Youngevity had anything specific for assisting people with breathing.

Richelle said, “yes we do, it is called “Breathe Ese”. So, I ordered the product knowing it wouldn’t work but thought I would poke it with a stick….

Much to my surprise “BREATHEese” worked fantastically!

I immediately was able to stop my inhalers and I am now breathing excellently on an hourly basis with BREATHEese for YOUNGEVITY.

Yes, it is Ephedra FREE…YOUNGEVITY thinks of everything!

I am thrilled I discovered “BREATHEese” from YOUNGEVITY.

You too can now breathe freely with BREATHEese from YOUNGEVITY!


Buy your BREATHEese here, click now!


Barbara Williams, IBO Youngevity


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