Red Lights Flashing…

Red Lights Flashing…

Red lights flashing and sirens blaring, that’s right.

You know many of us take our health for granted. I know in many ways I did. Yes, I take Biometics nutritional supplements and have for 19 years, however did I truly do all it takes….I think not.

I now order more beneficial products from the YOUNGEVITY extensive nutritional product line including healthy coffee!

I love my healthy coffee!

The other day I had a rude awakening….

Red lights flaring….sirens blaring…

I found myself suddenly taken away in an ambulance….I certainly did not foresee a 16 day stay in the hospital.

Now, that I am out I am acutely aware of the importance of nutritional supplementation, exercise and overall healthy choices including how I will eat the rest of my life.

Well, with all this being said my breathing was extremely compromised. I have C.O.P.D., chronic bronchitis and asthma.

All of a sudden I am now using my puffer “albuterol” 4 times in the morning and 4 puffs at night as well as several times throughout the day. Also it was compulsory that I take 1 puff of advair in the morning and 1 puff of advair at night.

And I still couldn’t breathe…

Well the other day I was placing my monthly order that I always do …for 19 years now. However, this time I asked Richelle if Youngevity had anything specific for assisting people with breathing.

Richelle said, “yes we do, it is called “Breathe Ese”. So, I ordered the product knowing it wouldn’t work but thought I would poke it with a stick….

Much to my surprise “BREATHEese” worked fantastically!

I immediately was able to stop my inhalers and I am now breathing excellently on an hourly basis with BREATHEese for YOUNGEVITY.

Yes, it is Ephedra FREE…YOUNGEVITY thinks of everything!

I am thrilled I discovered “BREATHEese” from YOUNGEVITY.

You too can now breathe freely with BREATHEese from YOUNGEVITY!


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Barbara Williams, IBO Youngevity


Coffee Lovers!


Our Java


Our unique JavaFit coffee is brimming with vitamins, minerals, and other specific nutrients to support the average to unique requirements and lifestyles.


From original roast to decaffeinated “coffee lovers” can now truly enjoy their fresh brew with energy, appitite management, detoxification or immune system stimulation.



To drink our “Java” is to know for yourself that this is the best pesticide free, organic and hand washed coffee from the Nicaraguan small coffee farmers.


They care about your Java!!!


Youngevity’s JavaFit Coffee provides it ALL!




Why Coffee?

Why Coffee? Why not?

Coffee is only 2nd to water….we drink coffee internationally daily

Coffee is only 2nd to oil as a marketed commodity

Coffee is a global desire and we drink 200 billion cups daily around the world

Coffee in the United States alone is a sultry 400 million cup daily pleasure.

Most people place their feet on the floor in the morning and run to the kitchen for their nice warm cup of java. Most people continue their pleasure of drinking java all day long.

Coffee is savored in the workplace, we drink coffee at home , we laugh, enjoy and talk with our friends while reveling in the sheer delight of our coffee.

Coffee helps us think, create, and enhances other cognitive functions such as short-term memory and concentration.

Get your java on with JavaFit and stay young with Youngevity.

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beautiful young woman with cup of coffee on brown background

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